Phantom GT now being the sole boot of Nike’s Phantom Silo. But how does it stack up against the classic Mercurial? Well, there are many reasons. Let’s find out the comparison that will help you understand how they function under different areas and help you determine which pair would be suitable for your requirements.

  • Flyknit - They have different profiles but the same Flyknit. As it comes to Mercurial, the Flyknit upper is structurally more stable and narrower than that of the Phantom. They are made of high tenacity yarns. On the other hand, Phantom is wide and relaxed in shape, typically around the toe box. They have silicone coating. They have a less-tensioned structure in comparison to the Mercurial. Players who prefer a strapped-in snug-fitting will go for Mercurial. And players who look for relaxed foot-hugging will go for Phantom GT.
  • The cost – Both of them are available in a wide array of models. The models are featured with various qualities and features depending on the price. Mercurial and Phantom don’t differ much in terms of the price, in the case of the same kind of models.
  • Ball touch and feel – Owing to the thin Flyknit upper, the GT and Mercurial offer almost a barefoot-like experience in terms of ball touch. However, the new Nike Neymar Phantom GT DF FG 2021 ensures better grip due to its Generative Texture qualities. Therefore, as it comes to the ball contact, Mercurial gives a natural feel. On the other hand, Phantom emphasizes the control aspect of the ball with its off-centre lacing system and raised texture.
  • Size and fit – The Mercurial is suitable for those who have narrow to regular width feet. Phantom GT is ideal for players having wide feet. As lockdown is concerned, the design of Mercurial along with its central lacing is more secure. The GT is a close second. Being true-to-size is not an issue for both GT and Mercurial. However, you can go for a half-a-size down for the Phantom for a better fit if the length of the foot allows.
  • Cut and collar – Both of them have low-cut and collared versions. In the case of Mercurial, the collared model is named Superfly and the low-cut version is known as Vapor. For GT, collared is known as DF and low-cut version is named simply as Low. Whether you want something to cover the ankle, or something that doesn’t restrict the mobility of the ankle, depends on you. For the latter choice low cuts would be perfect. Phantom GT Low features a piece extension around the shoe tongue to make it easy to wear the boot.
  • Soleplates – The Aerotrack plate of the Mercurial is consisted of split-soleplate construction having an arrow spine. It has a chevron-bladed soleplate and Aerotrak spine. These two ensure more progressive snaps and better traction during forward-acceleration movements. On the other hand, GT’s Hyperquick system is an open-arch, ribbed construction having edges. They are composed of slide-split conicals and chevrons. This combination is perfect for twisting and turning. It also helps in side-to-side motions.

These are a few things that determine the basic difference between Nike Neymar Phantom GT DF FG 2021 and Mercurial.


Factors that determine the difference between Mercurial and Phantom are the cost, cut and collar, soleplates, Flyknit, ball touch and feel, and size and fit.