The day, you buy a new pair of football boots is undoubtedly exciting. But if you find that they are too tight as you put the boots on, it would be just disastrous. It can cause painful blisters and a lot more. But there is no rocket science in choosing the right pair of soccer shoes.

If the boots are tight, you will have pain and blister. If they are loose, they are likely to fly off as you are going to make an important kick. Happy medium selection is easy. While trying the cleats, don’t forget that you will have to wear a thick football sock. So go for a pair that is half-a-size up. Let’s have a quick discussion.

  • Loosen shoelaces – This is one of the most effective tactics. Football cleats with laces are stiffened very tight. This may cause discomfort while wearing the shoes and playing the game. You may also face a hard time wearing the boot. So, loosen the laces of your Nike Phantom GT Elite DF 3D FG completely while trying the new shoes. Now you place the foot into the shoe and lace it up to a comfortable tightness.
  • Wear them during the off-time – Yes, wear the shoes when you are not on the ground. It will help to ease the feet into the new pair. This also makes the boot mould to the shape of your feet. Wearing the boots while doing daily chores would help to get accustomed to the pair before you actually use them during practice or the match. Make sure you wear a pair of thick socks with the boots. It would be like you introduce them to the field. If you feel that any areas of the shoes are causing a rub or blisters, simply cover them with plasters to eliminate the chances of sore spots.
  • Dampen them – If it feels that the boots you are wearing are too tight to carry on with or if you feel uncomfortable with the tightness, dampen the pair with water. Take a spray bottle filled with water and sprinkle them onto the boots until they are fully damp. Preferably, you use tap water or lukewarm water. This is an effective step to make your boots easy to wear.
  • Use a hairdryer – This may sound strange, but it is effective. The heat helps to mould the shoes. While wearing the cleats with soccer socks, turn on the dryer to high heat setting and then heat each cleat for about 5 minutes. Don’t hold the device in a specific position for too long. This can damage the shoes. Spread the heat throughout the boots to let the material supple and take the shape of your feet. After doing this trick, wear the shoes for 10 to 20 minutes more and let them cool. This ensures that the shoes set in perfectly.

These are a few tricks to make your new football shoes fit your feet perfectly.




To ensure that your football boots fit perfectly, you can try a few tricks. Loosen the shoelaces while wearing, dampen the boots, use a hairdryer so the boots take the shape of your feet.